Des aspects nouveaux de la dynamique atmospherique de la zone equatoriale

Ioan Hârjoabă


The launching of meteorological satellites started in the 60’s, and they are more and more advanced every year. Therefore, the processing of the huge amount of meteorological data provided on internet by specialized institutes, mainly NOAA, led us to the conclusion that our perception on different meteo-climatologic phenomena (even on some important ones) does not correspond anymore to the reality. Analysing the latest data we concluded that what is normally called Inter - Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) is not really a convergence, but a well defined atmospheric belt, with its own characteristics and dynamics presented in this paper. The main characteristic of its dynamics is represented by the movement of the whole air mass from east to west. This analysis also led us to the conclusion that many cyclones (hurricanes) developing in the south – south-western sector of the Northern Atlantic are born on the African territory, within the equatorial atmospheric belt – what we called Equatorial Easterlies in this article.

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