Indicateurs agro-economiques composites des espaces ruraux de la Moldavie

Daniel Tudora


Agro-economic composite indicators of the Moldavian rural spaces.The concept of rural areas can hide many ambiguities, given the modest rural circumscription of the term, which can mean both a defined territorial administrative structure and social reality characterized by simplicity relations intra / inter-community, or when the term „environment” is joined can identify over-geographical structure, ordered by several interrelated nature shells, dominated by primary functions, with the natural influences that remain evident.From the theoretical point of view, these conceptual distinctions can be seen as outdated in a post-modern reality that requires the internationalization and top-down integration of the geographical space through global and/or glocalizant developments.Capturing these trends provide the theoretical framework of the present study that by using statistical-mathematical  and modern cartographic methods aims to achieve the following objectives:

-highlighting the importance of local conditions in the construction of partial indices classifying elements of rural development;

-developing a synthetic index that correctly trace the limits of justice and territorial cohesion;

-building a typology of rural areas, able to capture the attention of general mechanisms of emancipation of rural components, mechanisms centered on the degree of socioeconomic integration of agricultural activities but exposed by post-modern trends of social and spatial manifestation: farm multifunctionality and rural family multiactivity.

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