Alexandru BANICA, Marinela Istrate


In the last 20 years, two obvious changes that were faced by the Romanian labour market are the decline of industries demanding large energy consuming leaving tens of thousands of unemployed, but also the emergence of both new energy effective industries and renewable energy (RE) facilities which create jobs and collateral services. Adapting an internationally established methodology, our study estimates the sum of positive employment due to investments in renewable energy (gross new jobs). The jobs are less identified at manufacturing phase of the facilities (as they are usually made abroad) and more in construction, operating and maintenance phases. Using the available data on installed capacities distribution and generated energy from renewable sources, we try to assess the spatial differences in potential gross jobs creation. The purpose of this analysis is to highlight the areas were innovation by promoting renewable energy, but also reconversion of disposable active population by education and training could represent an engine towards a resilient labour market, economic development and a clean environment.


renewable energy (RE), installed capacities, jobs opportunities, gross employment, labour force resilience

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