Accessibilite et repulsion de l’espace rural au nord-est de la Roumanie

Ionel Muntele, Daniel Tudora


Accessibilty and repulsiveness in the rural space of the North-East of Romania: This study is a continuation of some former preoccupations (Muntele, 2000; Muntele, Istrate, 2000, Groza, Muntele, 2004, Muntele, 2004) which had as aim to identify and make some adaptations for the explanatory models concerning the north-eastern Romanian territory’s accessibility. It was necessary to correlate the results with the space repulsiveness indicators (demographic attractiveness, population general density etc.) in order to get thoroughly into some antagonistic process like: depopulation/axial or suburban concentration; urbanization/rural abandonment etc. The analyses made on the large temporal sequences strongly suggest the dependency relation between the accessibility and the repulsiveness of the rural spaces. The observed exceptions have some historical, political, cultural and socio-economical explanations. În this way can be more accurately be explained the marginalisation secular process of some geographical areas in this side of the country, according to the classical core-periphery model.

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ISSN: 1223-5334; eISSN: 2284-6379. Published in Romania




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