Indicateurs de la vulnerabilite geographique du reseau routier en Moldavie

Ionel Muntele, Gabriel Cimpoesu-Haisuc


The quality of road infrastructure in terms of spatial parameters such as accessibility, connectivity and vulnerabilty due to exposure to certain constraints is an increasingly attractive research topic, the proof being the numerous studies published in proffesional journals. Our analysis stopped three geographical elements that can lead to the occurrence of some formes of vulnerability: linearity of routes, roughness space (determined by calculating the slope) and impedance habitat. The results demonstrate a correlation with the landscape feauters and the existence of discrepancies related to the level of development. Thus, the eastern part, predominantly hilly and the western mountainous part of region manifest disparities themselves string against the latter. Explanations that may be related to this situation primarily secular trends sewage flows along the main corridor Siret-Moldova and the transcarpathian roads.

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ISSN: 1223-5334; eISSN: 2284-6379. Published in Romania




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