Aspects regarding the use of GIS for quantifying climatic factors influencing vineyards suitability

Cristian-Valeriu Patriche, Liviu Irimia, Daniel Condorachi


Our study presents some possibilities of quantifying climatic factors influencing vineyards suitability at fine scale. Because of the insufficient meteorological stations data, statistical models generally fail at local scale, being unable to take into account local terrain characteristics. This is especially the case of air temperature, for which we applied a correction based on global radiation, in order to take into account terrain slope and aspect. We further analysed the possibilities to derive spatial distributions for global radiation, sunshine duration, and using SAGA-GIS software, mean annual precipitations, using a regression-kriging approach and more complex temperature parameters, such as the sum of daily temperatures above 10oC.

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ISSN: 1223-5334; eISSN: 2284-6379. Published in Romania




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