La lutte pour la vie. Une analyse multiscalaire de la dynamique de la mortalité infantile dans l’Europe contemporaine

Ionel Muntele, Ana-Maria Burlea


The infant mortality analyse may be approached also of the geographical perspective. This perspective is centered arround the concept of spatial differentiation. The study followed the disparities developed during the processus of the demographical modernization, especially of the infant mortality. The outset of the study is a complexe database, organized in three levels: continental, national and departmental. The period surveyed began in 1950, for the top two levels and in 1966, for the third level. The statistical analysis effectuated by the Statlab point to the existence of an strong correlation between the economic and social evolution and the stint of infant mortality incidence. Next to this correlation there are a series of contradictions, engendered by the local peculiarities. The most often, these characteristics derived from the quality of the medical services and sanitary infrastructure. The political and the cultural contexte may be added. These contradictions there are much manifested at the local level. One other conclusion converged towards the existence of any tendence of a quickely decrease o the infant mortality, unresponsive at the economic growth and the amelioration of the social estate.

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