Journal History

New series of the Scientific Annals of „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi (Romania) appear since 1955. Journal frequency has been always insured and the existence of doubled issue was due only to technical reasons. Geography series has appeared individually or together with Geology and Biology sections, as follows:

-              1995-1962: Section II. Natural Sciences

-              1963-1968: Section II-b. Natural Sciences (Geology-Geography)

-              1969-1974: Section II-c. Geography, in the same volume with Section II-b. Geology

-              1974-1976: Section II. Biology-Geology-Geography

-              1976-1989: Section II-b. Geology-Geography

-              Since 1990: Section II-c. Geography.

Between 1998 and 2007, a special issue was published, including Working papers of Geographical Information Systems Symposium.

The journal continues a long tradition of publishing scientific papers, initially to present the most valuable results of geographical researches in Iasi and, lately, of geographers with different national and international affiliations.

The selection of scientific papers has always been rigorous, respecting the principles of scientific research, all materials being reviewed and approved by the editorial board. Progressively, the process has been adapted to meet the modern requirements: the scientific committee has been enlarged, including not only recognized scientists of our own university, but also personalities from other national and international universities or research institutes. Thus, starting with the volume no. 54(LIV)/2008, Scientific Annals has become a peer review journal with higher visibility and an increasing international perspective.

Also, initially the use of an international language was optional, but it has become almost exclusive in the last three decades. Recently, English has become almost mandatory for dissemination of results.

The order in which the articles are published is in accordance with a logical structure of geographical disciplines, starting from geological support, followed by the other natural components of geosystem and, then, by human structures in their spatial development.  Didactic papers were usually included in the final of each issue.

Since 2011 (volume no. 57), Scientific Annals of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” of Iasi – Geography series has also an online version as open access journal. Starting with 2012 (vol. no. 58), two issues are available.